About Us

The Managed Services Collective empowers MSPs to protect their clients through collaborative cybersecurity

A New Collaborative
Path to Success

In the bustling city of Indianapolis, Indiana, two ambitious entrepreneurs, Mike and Greg Reece, founded Reboot, Inc., a promising managed services provider. As their business grew, they realized the importance of a robust cybersecurity operations center to keep their clients' networks and data safe from the ever-evolving threat landscape. They knew that building a state-of-the-art, 24x7 cyber security operations center would be crucial to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best service possible.

As they started researching the costs and resources needed for such a center, they quickly realized that it would be a costly endeavor. The expenses for infrastructure, equipment and hiring qualified professionals were overwhelming for a single company. They needed a solution that could distribute the costs while still providing the same high level of service to their clients.

Building on a
New Approach

One day, while attending an industry conference, Mike and Greg stumbled upon an idea that would change the course of their business: a buyers cooperative of managed service providers. By sharing the costs of running a 24x7 cyber security operations center, multiple managed service providers could leverage the resources and expertise of a dedicated team without breaking the bank.

Mike and Greg reached out to other like-minded managed service providers to gauge their interest in a cooperative. The first two entrepreneurs they approached were Jerry Sheehan of Synchronet in Buffalo, New York, and Tim Rettig of Intrust IT in Cincinnati, Ohio. They explained their vision for a cooperative that would not only share the costs of a state-of-the-art cyber security operations center but also provide valuable collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members.

Working Together

Jerry and Tim were intrigued and recognized the potential benefits for their own businesses: Joining forces with Reboot, Inc. could provide their clients with top-notch cybersecurity while also sharing the financial burden. After a series of meetings and negotiations, the four entrepreneurs established the Managed Services Collective (MSC).

The Managed Services Collective was officially formed as a buyers cooperative, with each founding member contributing their expertise and financial resources to build a 24x7 cyber security operations center. As word spread about this innovative model, other managed service providers joined the cooperative, eager to take advantage of the shared resources and expertise.

A Network for Good

Today, the Managed Services Collective is a thriving network of managed service providers, working together to provide their clients with the best cybersecurity solutions. By pooling resources and knowledge, MSC members have successfully built and maintained a top-of-the-line security operations center that keeps their clients' networks and data safe from the ever-present threat of cyber attacks.

As the cyber landscape continues to evolve, The Managed Services Collective stands ready to adapt and grow, offering unmatched service and protection to its clients.

Our Board

Greg Reece

President, Reboot
Mike Reece

Mike Reece

CEO, DataGuard 365

Tim Rettig

CEO, Intrust IT
Jerry Sheehan

Jerry Sheehan

CEO, SynchroNet