MSPs and Storybrand: Telling Your Story

msps and storybrand

In the unique and competitive world of managed service providers (MSPs), communicating your business’s values and standing out from the crowd can make all the difference. Here’s how MSPs and StoryBrand marketing can work well together.

The journey to getting leads and growing often begins with one single story: the story of how your brand helps customers and clients. Utilizing this storytelling technique can help your business become much more than just a business. It can encourage customers to learn more about your mission, gain interest and insight into your goals as a service provider, and ultimately trust you with their needs and concerns. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ll show you some important points to consider when utilizing the StoryBrand strategy.

Understanding StoryBrand

Created by writer and marketing expert Donald Miller, the StoryBrand strategy utilizes storytelling to encourage businesses to effectively communicate clear messages to the customer. At its core, StoryBrand aims to make the customer the hero of the story and positions your MSP as the guide for their journey to success. 

Our StoryBrand package at BigOrange Marketing promises stakeholder interviews, customer discovery, workshops, brand scripts and clear messaging, all combining to create the perfect recipe for effective storytelling. Over the years, we’ve worked with a range of MSPs and won our clients millions of dollars in business by passing on our StoryBrand expertise.

Identifying Your Customers’ Challenges

Ask yourself what your customer may be struggling with, and the specific ways in which your services can help them. Are they struggling with outdated IT infrastructure, cybersecurity threats or inefficient workflows? Identifying these problems is crucial, as it allows you to present your MSP as a likely source of help for these problems. Your customer will begin to view your business as the solution they need to succeed and overcome these challenges.

Make Your MSP Their Guide

The key to any successful MSP lies in your ability to communicate your offerings, experience, levels of expertise and capability to help customers with specific needs. To do this in a StoryBrand way, you can: 

  • Display your past success stories to instill customer confidence in your ability to handle their needs effectively. 
  • Build a relationship of trust with your customers that will serve as a foundation for the rest of your success. 
  • Consistently include points of contact for your customers to reach you and discuss their needs, questions and concerns on your website or social media platforms.

Build Your Storytelling With Testimonials

Do you have any happy customers whose stories should continue being told? Past successful customer stories serve as the perfect way to show your new customers the true value of your services. 

Share real-life examples of how your MSP has positively impacted your target audience. In doing so, you’ll prove that the promises and guarantees you make about your business have solid evidence to back them up, and customers will be more willing to trust you with their needs and concerns.

Be Confident in Your Unique Skills

No matter your MSP’s specialty, remember that you have a unique set of skills that only you can offer to your customers. Make this point when communicating with current and potential customers on your website. The StoryBrand methodology reminds us that mentioning these skills builds a company’s authority as a guide that understands and can address a customer’s pain points. Set your business apart from the competition and ensure that your skills stay on their radar by talking about your organization’s unique value.

BigOrange, MSPs and StoryBrand

BigOrange has worked for years with the StoryBrand strategy, and we’ve helped clients with countless concerns and business ideas. If you still have questions or simply need advice about StoryBrand strategies, contact us and we’d be happy to assist you.

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