MSP Tip: How to Not Lose SEO When Moving

How to Not Lose SEO When Moving

Looking to make a move? Whether you’re expanding your company, relocating to a new market or simply seeking a change of scenery, moving offices is an exciting new beginning for any business. However, this change can also pose some challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining your SEO progress. Preserving all of your hard work during an office move is crucial to making sure your business stays successful through any and all changes. Here’s how to not lose your SEO when moving. 

Don’t Wait: Plan Ahead

While it can be tempting to save certain steps for the very last minute, it’s much smarter to begin planning your move ASAP. Meticulous planning without procrastination lays the foundation for a successful office move. Start by notifying your team and SEO or marketing consultants about the move in advance, so they are equipped with maximum time to strategize and make changes accordingly. 

Update Your NAP Info

Once you begin planning, the next step is to ensure that your long-time customers know how to find you. NAP, which stands for name, address and phone number, is crucial information to display on your online platforms. Your website and social media profiles should all be updated with your new NAP info. Consistency in this information will make it much easier for both new and existing clients – and Google search engines – to keep up with the change.

Redirect Your URLs

All aspects of your online presence should be kept consistent upon your office move, including your URLs. If your website’s URL is changing in the process, set up 301 redirects from your old URLs to the new ones. This will help keep search engines in the know that your content has moved to a new location, which will then preserve your SEO ranking.

Update Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is one of today’s most powerful and useful SEO tools. Ensuring that your information is accurate and updated will help prospective clients easily find your MSP’s new location. Update your Google My Business profile with your new address, contact information and business hours to ensure easy communication and optimum search results.

Notify Your Clients

One of the most important steps in maintaining your SEO success is informing those who’ve helped it happen. Your clients and partners should all be in the know about your move through email newsletters, social media posts and other communication paths you see fit. This will not only keep them in the loop, but also prevent any possible confusion regarding your business’s location.

Continue to Monitor SEO Performance

Continuously monitor your website’s SEO performance before, during and after the office move, looking out for organic traffic and local search visibility. Doing so can help you identify any fluctuations or issues that may arise. It’s one way to not lose SEO when moving.

How Not to Lose SEO When Moving: Looking Ahead

Regardless of where your business is going next, generating leads and fostering growth are essential for success. If your messaging lacks clarity, or it’s difficult to locate your business, you might be overlooking opportunities without knowing it. Reach out to BigOrange Marketing today to have a non-sales call about how our SEO services can propel your business forward.

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