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At BigOrange Marketing, we wholeheartedly believe that a robust SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is the cornerstone of success in the digital landscape. What sets us apart is our unique ability to combine StoryBrand message simplification with a powerful SEO made simple strategy. 

We understand that many businesses overlook the crucial connection between SEO optimization and effective storytelling. In this article, we’re here to simplify the complex world of SEO and guide IT services/MSP firms through the essential steps to thrive in the highly competitive marketplace of 2023.

1. SEO Optimized Websites

In our experience, the SEO journey should begin with meticulous keyword research, thorough competitive analysis and the development of a tailored SEO strategy. When you, as an MSP, partner with us for marketing services, we present this strategy during  our third meeting with you. This meeting also serves as your competitive analysis session.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A comprehensive keyword strategy document.
  • Precise execution of your keyword strategy, integrated seamlessly into your sitemap.

2. Content SEO Strategy

Our content strategy is designed to systematically improve your SEO rankings by incorporating long-tail keywords into various pages on your website. Whether it’s case studies, blog posts or core pages, every piece of content is an opportunity to enhance your SEO performance.

As a BigOrange client, you receive a detailed six-month content plan enriched with targeted keywords for your review.

3. Consistent Content Execution Done For You

Each month, we create fresh and engaging content aligned with your content plan. Every blog post strategically links to a core service page, contributing to the ranking improvement of your core pages. 

For instance, a blog titled “Disaster Recovery Tips for 2023” would support a core service page on disaster recovery, with direct links to that core page in the introductory paragraphs. These internal links signal to Google that your web content is valuable, organized and informative. 

4. Industry and Location Support

In today’s fiercely competitive IT services/MSP landscape, we recognize that industry-specific and location-specific pages offer the best opportunities for organic discovery.

We offer you a monthly addition of at least one industry-specific or location-specific page to boost your online presence.

5. SEO Made Simple: Link Building

Our collaborative efforts extend to link building, where we leverage our network of clients and industry trade publications to secure valuable backlinks. In some cases, we utilize “white hat” services, such as OutReachFrog, to acquire high-quality links for your website.

6. Local SEO

Following your website launch, we initiate a local SEO program, such as BrightLocal, to update your name, address and phone number (NAP) listings across various platforms. This includes platforms like the Yellow Pages, Yelp and, which hold significant weight in the IT industry.

7. Google Reviews

Google reviews play a pivotal role in your search rankings. We collaborate with your internal team to establish a process for soliciting reviews when positive customer feedback is received. If internal resources are limited, we explore text review systems to facilitate the acquisition of reviews.

8. Monitoring and Improvement

To ensure your SEO made simple success, we utilize BrightLocal to track overall rankings and provide monthly reports on the progress of 10 chosen keyword combinations. Our toolkit also includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Moz, which offer comprehensive insights into your SEO performance. 

We are continually evaluating our monitoring tools for potential consolidation.

9. Recommendations

Drawing from our experience and proven success stories, we strongly recommend off-page tactics like speaking at local chambers of commerce events, which yield valuable backlinks to your website.

10. Industry Outreach

We are strong advocates for industry engagement. We encourage you to join relevant industry groups (CPAs, law associations, manufacturing associations) to actively participate in these communities for valuable backlinks. 

Additionally, we suggest submitting content to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) for more backlink opportunities. We’re also keen to support your sales team in reaching out to industry-specific targets.

SEO Made Simple: From Surviving to Thriving

At BigOrange Marketing, we are your trusted partners on your SEO journey. We’re here to simplify the complexities and empower your IT services/MSP firm to thrive in the highly competitive digital landscape of 2023 and beyond. 

Schedule a non-sales call today to see how we can help your MSP reach new SEO heights.

Let’s embark on this SEO adventure together and achieve remarkable results for your business.

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