StoryBrand Website Checklist: What You Need to Know

StoryBrand Website Checklist

Is your website leaving your visitors guessing about what your business offers? As certified StoryBrand partners, we’ve crafted a comprehensive site checklist to help you identify what’s working and what might be missing from your StoryBrand website online presence.

The StoryBrand Header Checklist: Make an Instant Impact

Within the first two seconds of landing on your website, your potential customers should grasp what you’re offering. We call this the “grunt test.” Imagine a caveman glancing at your site: Would they understand what you’re selling, how it benefits them and how to make a purchase?

Download Our StoryBrand Checklist

Use our handy checklist to assess your website. We’re here to assist with any items that may need a second look.

The Call To Action Checklist: Direct and Obvious

Your website is no place for subtlety. Your desired actions for visitors should be clear and easily executable. Implement buttons with links to your call to action (CTA), whether it’s scheduling a call, booking an appointment or making a purchase. 

For those not ready to take a big step, offer smaller options as sales or lead-generation funnels like a free video, a downloadable checklist or an info-packed ebook.

The Value Proposition Checklist: Communicate Clear Value

The value of your offerings should be crystal clear. Anticipate customer questions before they arise. Use language that aligns with the buying process and provide information that addresses expected queries. 

Utilize icons and symbols to draw attention to key statements, ensuring your site is easy to scan while effectively communicating that your business can simplify their lives.

The 1,2,3 Plan Checklist: Simplify the Customer Journey

When it’s time for customers to reach for their wallets, eliminate hesitation. Break down the next steps into three simple actions, making the process smoother and more user-friendly.

The Loss Avoidance Checklist: Highlight the Consequences

If you’ve effectively conveyed the greatness of your product or service, potential customers should be thinking about what they might miss out on by not choosing your business. 

Clearly articulate the risks of not working with you and provide a reminder of what they stand to lose if they opt not to engage with your offerings.

The Footer Checklist: Streamline Navigation

Ensure your main navigation area isn’t cluttered with too many links. Move less crucial links to the bottom of the page. Think of it as the “junk drawer” for easy access. Implement dropdown menus to declutter important website real estate. 

Additionally, make your contact information easily accessible at the bottom of your site. If any pages don’t directly benefit your customer, reconsider their necessity.

Get your hands on the checklist here: BigOrange StoryBrand Checklist PDF

Optimize your website today with our StoryBrand Website Checklist, and let your online presence speak volumes about your business. If you have questions or need assistance, schedule a non-sales call with us today. 

Your success is our priority.

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