MSP Marketing Case Study: StoryBrand Refresh Positions New York MSP for Growth

MSP Marketing Case Study

SynchroNet, a managed IT services provider, sought to increase traffic to their website and attract more quality leads. They partnered with BigOrange Marketing to revamp their messaging and website design using the StoryBrand methodology

This MSP marketing case study outlines SynchroNet’s goals and provides insights for MSPs looking to improve lead generation and stand out in the digital landscape, strategically making the customer the hero and driving growth through innovation and design.

The Challenge

SynchroNet, a managed IT services and cybersecurity firm, caters to small to mid-sized western New York organizations. Their services range from co-managed IT services to fully outsourced IT services, focusing on business technology and IT support, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), cybersecurity and ransomware protection, cloud computing, and business continuity.

Based in Buffalo, New York, SynchroNet excels in providing personalized IT support with fixed-fee services. Their motto is, “If your business technology feels like a black hole of wasted time and money, it means one thing: You need better IT support services.” 

However, as one of the top managed service providers in their area, the challenge lay in increasing quality lead generation and standing out as an MSP that offers more than just “IT support.” The goal was to not only enhance both the quantity and quality of leads, but also revamp their website to showcase the belief that their IT services help companies work smarter, reduce risk and even become a profit center.

Despite a strong reputation among existing clients, SynchroNet struggled to market their services in a manner that would result in quality lead generation and increase their customer base. While their clients attested to their exceptional service, the company’s website wasn’t connecting with potential clients in the same way. 

This MSP marketing case study captures SynchroNet’s ultimate goal: To drive the right traffic to their website and showcase their unique offerings to small to mid-sized organizations in need of Buffalo IT solutions.

The Solution: New Messaging and StoryBrand Website Refresh

SynchroNet partnered with BigOrange Marketing to revamp their brand messaging through the StoryBrand approach. This included updating the homepage, service pages “book a meeting” page and more to align with the new messaging. 

The process began with a thorough site evaluation and SEO research. BigOrange then conducted stakeholder interviews and a StoryBrand messaging exercise to align with their vision, resulting in a comprehensive messaging and design overhaul.

Along the way, the BigOrange team followed these steps:

  1. Website evaluation. We assessed the existing website design and copy to pinpoint areas for improvement.
  2. SEO research. Our keyword research identified SEO opportunities for SynchroNet.
  3. Stakeholder interviews. To get to know the company, our staff interviewed SynchroNet’s internal stakeholders.
  4. StoryBrand workshop: A StoryBrand messaging exercise was conducted to ensure customer-centric messaging.
  5. Messaging overhaul: We crafted new messaging, incorporating aspirational images, inspiring hero statements, clear subheadings and compelling calls to action.
  6. Design enhancements. Light design updates were made to enhance user experience on the SynchroNet website.
  7. Website revamp: We detailed the redesign of the MSP’s website to enhance user experience, incorporate clear messaging and optimize for lead capture.

MSP Marketing Case Study: The Results

This MSP marketing case study ends with successful results. To date, the company has increased website traffic, seen a noticeable improvement in lead volume and quality, and is very pleased with the way BigOrange captures their message to make companies more profitable with their full suite of business technology services.

Looking to Generate More Leads for Your MSP? 

If you’re an MSP dissatisfied with your marketing outcomes, BigOrange Marketing offers a solution. 

The transformation of SynchroNet’s online presence and website design through BigOrange Marketing’s StoryBrand approach not only addressed their challenge of quality lead generation but also positioned them as a unique competitor in a saturated industry.  

Schedule a non-sales call with BigOrange to discuss your marketing needs and what tools your MSP can take advantage of to get leads and grow.

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