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You know those insightful emails you receive from your favorite local business publications? Well, guess what? Your potential clients are devouring them, too. Or think about chamber of commerce meetings: What important information could you provide chamber members? Local MSP marketing resources are everywhere. Where are you showing up? 

Here are some savvy strategies to consider when promoting your MSP, along with actionable steps you can take today to fully leverage these tips:

How to Engage With Local MSP Marketing Resources

1. Blog Contribution

Become a published contributor by crafting an original blog post tailored for your local publication’s audience. Collaborate with their editors to brainstorm topics that resonate with readers. Explore local angles that showcase your expertise and community involvement.

Action items for MSPs:

  • Research local publications in your area and identify potential opportunities for contributing.
  • Reach out to the editors with a well-thought-out pitch outlining your proposed topics and how they would benefit their audience.
  • Draft high-quality blog posts that provide valuable insights, tips or solutions related to IT, cybersecurity or technology trends.
  • Ensure that your content reflects your brand voice and showcases your MSP’s unique value proposition.
  • Follow up with the publication to track the performance of your contributed blog posts and explore further collaboration opportunities.

2. Paid Advertising

Expand your reach through paid advertising in various formats: print, digital, email or sponsored articles. Work closely with your ad executive to develop a budget-friendly plan that maximizes exposure throughout the contract period.

Action items for MSPs:

  • Define your advertising objectives and budget constraints to guide your decision-making process.
  • Research advertising options available through local publications and digital platforms.
  • Design eye-catching ads that effectively communicate your MSP’s services and value proposition.
  • Monitor the performance of your paid advertising campaigns and adjust strategies as needed to optimize results.
  • Leverage analytics and metrics to measure the ROI of your advertising investments and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

3. Podcast Guest

Offer to be a guest on your local publication’s podcast. Sharing your company’s story in this format allows you to connect with a broader audience and establish your brand as a trusted authority in the business community.

Action items for MSPs:

  • Research local podcasts hosted by business publications or industry influencers in your area.
  • Reach out to podcast hosts with a compelling pitch outlining why you would make a valuable guest.
  • Prepare talking points and anecdotes that showcase your expertise and provide value to the podcast audience.
  • Promote your podcast appearance through your MSP’s website, social media channels and email newsletters to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Engage with listeners by responding to comments, questions and feedback related to your podcast episode.

4. Host or Co-host Webinars

Engage with your audience by hosting or co-hosting webinars. Choose compelling topics like cybersecurity and encourage attendees to ask questions, fostering interaction and building rapport. Consider tying your webinar content to current events for added relevance and impact, and learn more about leveraging webinars in our MSP Marketing Resource.

Action items for MSPs:

  • Identify webinar platforms and tools suitable for hosting virtual events and engaging with attendees.
  • Collaborate with industry experts, partners or local organizations to co-host webinars and expand your reach.
  • Promote your webinar through email invitations, social media posts and website announcements to attract attendees.
  • Prepare engaging presentation slides or demonstrations that effectively convey your key messages and insights.
  • Follow up with webinar attendees with additional resources, offers or opportunities to further engage with your MSP.

5. Speaking Engagements

Secure a speaking slot at your regional publication’s upcoming event. Select a trending topic such as cybersecurity or cryptocurrency to capture audience interest. Provide actionable insights and real-time advice that attendees can apply in their businesses.

Action items for MSPs:

  • Research upcoming events and conferences in your area that align with your target audience and industry focus.
  • Submit speaking proposals or reach out to event organizers with compelling topics and presentation ideas.
  • Prepare a polished and engaging presentation that captures the audience’s attention and delivers valuable takeaways.
  • Network with event attendees before and after your speaking engagement to build relationships and generate leads for your MSP.
  • Follow up with event organizers and attendees to gather feedback and explore future speaking opportunities.

Another Note About Emails

If you plan to promote your services through email, it’s important to offer valuable educational content rather than a blatant sales pitch. Consider providing downloadable resources like password safety checklists or ransomware response instructions to add value for readers. Consider investing in a single-subject email newsletter from your most popular local publication like those in the Business Journal family.

Take this example from an MSP client in Fort Worth: They achieved great success by partnering with a local INC magazine to provide a ransomware resource in their email newsletter. 

This collaborative approach not only benefited the readers but also strengthened the client’s brand presence in the community.

Looking for more marketing tips to elevate your MSP? Explore our comprehensive MSP Marketing Resource for valuable insights and strategies.

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