Color for Marketing: Choosing the Right Color for MSPs

Color for Marketing

When you think of the color blue, what comes to mind? Stability, trust and security, right? A great color for marketing? It’s no wonder that managed service providers (MSPs) in the industry prefer blue as their top choice. 

After all, waking up to a clear blue sky on a sunny day instantly lifts our spirits. Blue has been a timeless favorite in corporate branding, not only because it’s the most popular color among people, but also because it’s associated with power and success. 

It exudes dependability, a quality that has been embraced since the early days of tech pioneers like IBM and Hewlett Packard (HP).

Although blue has always been a go-to for tech companies, we’ve seen other colors gain popularity over the years, like orange, aquamarine, turquoise, red and even purple. 

But why is that? 

While we have a general understanding of why blue remains strong, what’s prompting the emergence of new colors in brand marketing? What leads executives and decision-makers to settle on specific colors to represent their brand or business name?

Colorful Branding Choices: Standing Out in the Crowd

Travel back to the 1980s, and you’d find a sea of black and blue technology branding, exemplified by companies like IBM and HP. But amidst them, you’d spot the iconic rainbow-hued Apple logo, which sent a clear message: “Think Different.” As we all know, Apple has amassed the largest and most loyal clientele of any tech company to date.

Your brand serves as your company’s public identity. Take, for example, BigOrange — our name and color for marketing says it all. Orange exudes energy, enthusiasm and excitement — traits that perfectly align with the passion we bring to the table in our professional digital marketing services:

At BigOrange Marketing, we embrace all colors, sizes and shades when it comes to branding. We serve numerous professional MSP and IT clients across the United States. Whether it’s blue and orange like our clients at Intrust IT in Cincinnati, Ohio, or various shades of blue like the cyber resilience experts at Blue Light IT in Baton Rouge, Florida, we’ve noticed a common trend in brand marketing: Customer satisfaction.

Colors Speak Volumes: Connecting with Your Audience

Beyond aesthetics, colors play a profound role in connecting your brand with consumers on a deep, psychological level. A Forbes article notes each shade carries its own unique, emotional connotations, which can vary from person to person. 

When you choose your logo and brand’s color palette, you’re also selecting the emotions and associations you want to evoke.

Consumers often underestimate the power of color, but marketers know better. Brand marketing, or marketing for your brand, should never be taken lightly. 

Your company’s image and representation determine how you connect with your customer base and for how long. Your logo has the potential to drive purchasing decisions and boost recognition. 

Color choices give your logo depth, forging a visual connection to your company’s values and personality. The right color combination can visually communicate the feeling your company projects to consumers.

A Real-Life Example: The Power of Purple

Let’s take a look at our client, Aeko Technologies, an MSP from Fort Worth, Texas. They chose the color purple to represent their brand. 

Why purple? 

Well, one of the owners is a Texas Christian University (TCU) graduate. For Aeko, purple symbolizes a strong educational background rooted in Christianity (Go, Horned Frogs!), as well as royalty, leadership and revenue. 

As a leader in managed IT services and cybersecurity, Aeko Technologies couldn’t have made a better choice in representing their brand and the exceptional service they provide to their clients.

Color for Marketing: Embrace the Vibrancy of Color for Your Business

If you’re an MSP seeking leads and business growth, delivering the right brand message to your audience is paramount. Your products, services and expertise may have put you in business, but it’s your customers who will keep you there. Establishing a lasting appeal to your audience is crucial.

At BigOrange, we understand that brand marketing for your business should never be taken lightly, regardless of the color you choose. 

Let’s book a meeting today. 

We can infuse more color into your marketing efforts and bring a clearer, more captivating picture to your brand. Together, we’ll make your brand shine in the crowded market.

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